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Bayside Solutions


A Better Approach

Bayside Solutions has raised the bar in workforce solutions. We:

Uncover better talent.

Robust talent networks, strong relationships and an unparalleled vetting process enable us to quickly pinpoint the top professionals you need. Using our relationship-based recruiting philosophy, we go beyond resumes to discover what really makes our candidates tick – and stick.

Develop better ideas.

Your business challenges aren’t pre-packaged – neither are our solutions. Whether your needs are small or large, simple or complex, we leverage industry, business and staffing expertise to customize innovative workforce staffing solutions.

Deliver better value.

Bayside offers the best total value for your investment. As a partner in your business, we consistently deliver solutions that solve real problems – making you more flexible, more competitive, more productive and ultimately, more profitable.

Better talent. Better ideas. Better value.

Our Workforce Solutions include:

Staff Augmentation

  • Short- and long-term assignments
  • Qualified project specialists and contract professionals
  • Seasonal support to cost-effectively manage highs and lows
  • Assess employee skills, personality and culture fit before you hire full time

Direct Hire

  • Save time
  • Improve focus by offloading screening, recruiting and interviewing
  • See only the most-qualified candidates
  • Pay only if you hire one of our candidates

Payroll Services

  • Let us handle payment of employee wages, tax withholding, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims management
  • Hire employees without administrative costs
  • Offload pre-employment screening, including drug, background, skills assessments and behaviors testing

EasyEmploy Web-Based Timekeeping and Onboarding

  • Web-based timekeeping and onboarding expedite hiring and eliminate paperwork
  • Approve timecards with a single click
  • Mobile app allows employees and consultants to enter time and expenses from anywhere with a cell connection

Project Delivery

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Better quality staff
  • Eliminate hiring costs
  • Simplify management
  • Track spend requirements
  • Streamline timekeeping and onboarding

Vendor On-Premise

  • Let us manage your large contingent workforce
  • Dedicated on-site manager (or team) handles daily activities
  • Consolidate your staffing spend and decrease total staffing costs
  • Standardize onboarding and screening protocol
  • Increase quality, skill sets and morale of employees

Managed Services

  • Turnkey IT, engineering and telecommunications solutions tailored to your specific business environment and needs
  • Let us develop and deploy systems that streamline and integrate your business processes and systems
  • 24/7 state-of-the-art tech center with multiple layers of redundancy
  • Maintain a competitive advantage, without increasing overhead

What can we do for you?

Get more information or call us at 800.220.0074 to get started.

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