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Management Team

The Bayside Team

Staffing experts. IT gurus. Business veterans and more. Get to know the people who make the magic happen at Bayside, every day.

Just click on a name to learn more about each individuals’ role, background and what he or she likes to do when not attached to a smart phone or keyboard!

Bob Klotz – Founder

Bob founded Bayside in 2001 based on one principle – relationship-based recruiting. Bob’s focus today as Founder of Bayside is to facilitate the company's long-term strategy and ensure that the Bayside team provides the highest level of service for consultants and clients.

Jevon Hink – CEO

Jevon’s primary role on the Bayside team is day-to-day operations and efficiency, strategic planning, driving the health of the business, and ultimately the development and growth of our business partnerships. Jevon has worked in the industry for over twenty-five years in various individual contributor, managerial and executive-level roles. In the last fifteen years, he has focused on building high-producing teams and fostering mutually beneficial business partnerships.

Having success growing business teams for two of the largest IT solutions providers in North America, Jevon redirected these efforts to successfully build customer-centric teams in the boutique solutions arena. “I enjoy the creative and entrepreneurial aspects of this business. Working with the team at Bayside encourages this creativity and entrepreneurial growth, allowing exciting opportunities for our team and partners.” Jevon continues progressing in his passion for building productive business teams, meaningful partnerships, and enthusiasm for exceeding expectations.

Jevon’s take on today’s staffing industry:

“There is a healthy demand for staffing suppliers in today’s marketplace and no shortage of suppliers to meet that demand. While the business has evolved and changed over the years, the business need for strong partnerships continues to exist. A provider’s ability to foster those relationships into partnerships is a clear competitive advantage in today’s landscape.”

John Azzam - Vice President, Delivery

John is a passionate staffing leader with 15+ years of experience within the Technical, IT, Sales, Creative, and Scientific/Clinical arenas. John’s primary role at Bayside Solutions is to drive service delivery through innovation and quality to ensure the growth of our business in an evolving and competitive market. John’s track record includes leading high-performing sales and recruiting teams that delivered results while driving customer satisfaction and the candidate experience in a wide array of environments that included Fortune 500, Hi-Tech, and Startup companies. “Working at Bayside has afforded me the entrepreneurial opportunity to progress with my passion for staffing while continuing the effort of building long-term personal relationships at a high level both internally and externally”.

John’s take on today’s staffing industry:

“It’s as competitive as it has ever been. Staffing suppliers are having to find personalized and creative ways to differentiate themselves from the rest while moving to the speed of the market.”

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