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How to Keep Employees Engaged During Difficult Times

Posted September 15th, 2020

A highly engaged workforce is a successful one. When employees are enthusiastic, focused, and dedicated, they are typically more productive and offer higher quality outputs. However, even the most engaged workforce may falter during difficult times.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to widespread uncertainty. When workers aren’t certain if their jobs are secure, those fears can harm their performance.

Additionally, many workers found themselves suddenly telecommuting. While working from home can actually be a productivity booster, that doesn’t universally occur. It can also be lonely and challenging, both of which can harm morale.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to boost engagement during unique times. Here’s how to get started.

Focus on Communication and Transparency

Early in the pandemic, millions of Americans found themselves unemployed. Business closures and widespread layoffs occurred in multiple sectors, and most employees had little notice before they were let go.

While letting workers go is slowing, many professionals still feel insecure about their employer’s financial health and their future with the company. This significantly hinders morale, particularly if the business isn’t being forthcoming about its current state.

If you want to combat these negative sentiments, communication and transparency are essential. Make sure company leaders reach out regularly and inform the company’s workforce of shifting conditions and how the business is doing financially, at least on a basic level.

Even if the news isn’t great, your workforce will appreciate being informed. They won’t wonder if leaders are hiding details from them or if they’ll be hit with a layoff out of nowhere. Instead, they’ll find a degree of security in the information they do get, knowing that management is going to keep them apprised of how things are changing during these difficult times.

Additionally, company leaders will have a chance to discuss how they intend to overcome new challenges. By presenting plans, employees will feel a renewed sense of loyalty and dedication. This is especially true if managers can demonstrate how each worker can help move them toward a better tomorrow, imbuing additional meaning into every task and, ultimately, boosting engagement.

Showcase Your Appreciation Openly and Often

When your employees feel that their contributions aren’t valued, they are less inclined to go above and beyond for the company. This is particularly true during periods of uncertainty, where it isn’t clear if their efforts will result in them keeping their jobs.

By showcasing your appreciation for your team’s work openly and often, you’re giving them a critical boost. They won’t have any doubt regarding whether they are valued, something that’s vital when the future is a bit unclear.

Make sure to always thank your staff for their efforts. Additionally, when possible, offer them rewards for a job well done. This can include low-cost options like additional paid time off, gift cards to restaurants that deliver, or similar approaches that work in today’s landscape.

Bayside Solutions Can Help You Improve Employee Engagement

By using the tips above, you can bolster engagement among your team. If you’d like to find out more, the staff at Bayside Solutions can help. Contact us today.

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