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The Importance of Flexible Staffing During Uncertain Times

Posted September 8th, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced an unprecedented degree of uncertainty into the business landscape. Stay-at-home mandates led to widespread closures or quick shifts to work-from-home models.

Even as reopening efforts move forward, it isn’t clear whether a coronavirus resurgence may lead to shelter-in-place mandates. Additionally, companies have to consider how they will react if a significant percentage of their workforce falls ill.

The degree of uncertainty means traditional hiring approaches may be less than ideal. Most conventional methods rely on directly hiring permanent staff, an option that can increase liability and risk exposure if certain worst-case scenarios play out. Additionally, they don’t adapt to changing conditions as quickly.

Luckily, there are alternative strategies that can work during difficult times. Here’s a look at the importance of flexible staffing and how to implement the approach at your company.

The Benefits of Flexible Staffing

Flexible staffing creates a paradigm where employers have options beyond permanent hiring with fixed schedules. This can include bringing in temporary workers until it is known that a role needs to be covered by a permanent team member, as well as maintaining a contingent workforce that can fill gaps caused by unexpected absences or unanticipated upticks in demand.

With flexible staffing, companies can achieve the utmost in workforce agility. Right-sizing their team at a moment’s notice is possible, all without having to take on the risk and liabilities associated with permanent hires, like unemployment and workers’ compensation. Instead, a recruitment agency typically shoulders that burden, keeping the short-term or non-permanent hires on its payroll, at least, for a period.

Cost management is also easier to handle. Since your workforce is always right-sized, you aren’t paying for employees that you don’t need. You can continuously optimize your staffing levels, ensuring you are only paying for what you actually require.

Additionally, since these hires are initially temporary, it’s possible to adjust your workforce if a particular worker isn’t meeting your needs. There’s no long-term commitment, so you can release an employee and choose a new candidate whenever the need arises, enabling you to find your perfect match.

How to Implement a Flexible Staffing Approach

Typically, the easiest way to implement a flexible staffing strategy is to partner with a leading recruitment agency. Not only do staffing firms maintain robust networks brimming with top talent, but they can also screen and place candidates quickly and efficiently. You can fill vacant positions in less time, allowing you to achieve full productivity faster.

Further, the recruiters will help manage your contingent workforce. The staffing agency can handle all call-ins and call-offs, scale up or down quickly, and continuously identify great job seekers for new openings as they arise.

Plus, if you find a great candidate you’d like to keep on permanently, that’s an option. You can work with the recruitment firm to extend a full-time, long-term job offer, ensuring you can keep a great talent on board when you find one.

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