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12 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy (Without a Raise)

Posted August 14th, 2020

While pay raises are usually viewed as a boon by employees, it isn’t something companies can always offer. Even when that’s the case, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to keep your workforce engaged and morale high. If you want to know how you can keep your employees happy without a salary bump, here are 12 alternative approaches to consider.

1. Offer Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a priority for many professionals, particularly younger generations. If you can make their work experience positive and ensure their job doesn’t infringe on their personal time, your employees will be grateful.

2. Connect Them to the Big Picture

Generally, a person’s position is more satisfying if they feel they are making a positive difference. By showing each employee how their work impacts the big picture, the company’s goals, or their local community, every task becomes more meaningful and fulfilling.

3. Prioritize Transparency

When employees are well-informed, it lets them know that the company trusts and values them, building loyalty. There aren’t any unnecessary secrets, as the company isn’t trying to hide bad points or shelter them from issues.

4. Up the Vacation Time

Paid time off is a great reward for a job well done. You show that you appreciate their efforts and give them the gift of rest, relaxation, and time with their loved ones, all without them having to sacrifice their salary.

5. Encourage Casual Communication

A bit of socializing can accomplish several things. It promotes cohesiveness, creates room for innovation, and leads to stronger bonding, all of which can make work a better experience.

6. Have Clear Career Paths

When your employees know exactly what they need to do to progress in the company, it boosts morale. You are supporting your workforce’s long-term career goals and giving them access to engaging opportunities, something that can make many of your top performers happier.

7. Celebrate Accomplishments

Recognizing an achievement can have a big impact. Professionals like to feel acknowledged and appreciated, so embrace opportunities to celebrate wins when they occur.

8. Offer High-Value Projects

At times, a project can actually work as a reward for hard work. If an engaging project is on the horizon, use it to acknowledge a top performer’s dedication by making sure they can take part.

9. Be Positive

Employees take cues from their managers. If their boss is consistently happy to be at work, their mood will make those around them feel more positive, too.

10. Say “Thank You”

Saying “thank you” is a small gesture, but a powerful one. Always extend this courtesy, even when an employee was technically just doing their job.

11. Provide Feedback Often

Feedback shouldn’t be limited to annual reviews. When an employee does something right, let them know immediately. And, if something goes awry, speak up quickly, working with the employee in a collaborative manner to get everything back on target as soon as possible.

12. Think Perks

Many perks are beneficial, but fairly low cost. Gym membership discounts, transit passes, parking stipends, and similar options may be greatly appreciated, but don’t necessarily break the bank.

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Ultimately, all of the pay raise alternatives above could keep your employees happy. If you’d like to know more, the team at Bayside Solutions can help. Contact us today and see how our workforce satisfaction expertise can benefit you.

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