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Here’s How You Can Combat Low Employee Morale

Posted September 22nd, 2020

When employee morale is high, your workplace flourishes. Workers are engaged, productive, and maintain positive attitudes, leading to better outputs and a great culture. However, when employee morale is low, the opposite can happen. Frustration and negativity may reign, causing diminishing work quality and reduced productivity.

While low employee morale can be the result of a toxic culture, that isn’t always the source. Challenging times, a sense of uncertainty, and unprecedented change – like what was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – can play a role in falling morale.

Figuring out how to address low employee morale can seem like a challenge. However, by choosing the right approach based on the situation at hand, you can make a difference. Here are a few signs of trouble, as well as how to overcome them.

Negative Attitudes

On occasion, everyone ends up in a bad mood. However, if the negativity is persistent and is impacting others – particularly from someone who is usually positive – that’s the sign of a morale issue.

Usually, your first step should be to talk with the employee one-on-one. Find out about what’s frustrating them to determine if the issue is work-related or personal. Then, let them know that you want to work with them to find a solution, and have a conversation to identify strategies that could lead to an improvement.

If the problem is personal, you may want to recommend that the employee takes some paid time off to address it. That way, they can focus their energy there, allowing them to reach a resolution and return renewed. If it’s work-related, work together to find an approach for reducing their burden or stress.

Poor Performance

When morale is low, the quality of an employee’s or team’s work can tumble. At times, boredom could be responsible for the change. However, other causes like a lack of interest, feeling overwhelmed, or other issues may also be factors.

If there’s a performance issue, a conversation is a must. Let the employee or team know that you’ve noticed a change in their work quality and that you want to find a remedy. Then, identify the source of the issue, enabling you to come up with the right solution.

Additionally, offer them praise for what they are getting right. Sometimes, recognition acts as a major boost, especially if it is timely and genuine.

Active Rumor Mill

It isn’t uncommon for the rumor mill to get more active when people are anxious. Their fears may lead to speculation, causing them to spread misinformation that harms the entire organization and drags down morale.

Often, the easiest way to combat this problem is to be open and communicative. The rumor mill doesn’t have legs if employees are well-informed, so keep them apprised of challenges the company is facing as well as its triumphs, ensuring everyone knows the truth.

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