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Don’t Be Afraid to Leave a Job You Hate

Posted October 18th, 2019

Many professionals assume that, if they ended up in a job they genuinely despised, they’d be able to walk away with ease. However, that often isn’t the case.

Even if the idea of staying in that position is terrifying, the thought of leaving can be just as scary. After all, making a change means venturing into the unknown, and that can be anxiety-inducing. Plus, you might worry that a new job would be just as soul-sucking or that you might accept a new role only to fail in the position.

While being fearful of leaving a job you hate is normal, that doesn’t mean you should let it paralyze you. Instead, you can harness it, giving you the ability to examine your options and make a move towards a better future. If you’re working in a position that you despise, here’s what you need to do.

Understand What the Fear Means

Usually, when you are afraid about making a change, it means you are onto something important. If there wasn’t anything at stake, you wouldn’t be worried about your choice, so the anxiety signals that what you are considering actually matters.

If the idea of leaving your job scares you even though you hate it, know that it is a sign of possible growth. By seeking out something new, you would be taking a step forward in a way that has meaning in your life.

Don’t Run Away; Plot a Path Towards

Leaving a job you loathe can feel a bit like you are running away from something you dislike. However, this is only the case if you don’t find a direction to head before you make a change.

Consider what your ideal role would look like. Would you be in the same kind of position but at a different company? Would you shift into a new field or role? What duties would you handle? How would the job feel to you?

By examining what a better fit could be, you can start to narrow down where you want to go. This can help alleviate some of your fear, allowing you to focus on a new destination instead of simply escaping your current one. Essentially, you are harnessing your anxiety and enabling it to work for you, serving as a compass that will inevitably point you in a direction that has the potential to make you happy.

Pursue Your Vision

Once you understand what you want, you can focus your energy away from fear and toward pursuing your vision. Take active steps that would allow you to land the job you want, making proactive adjustments that move you forward instead of continuing to hold yourself back.

At times, this may involve acquiring additional skills or education. In others, you might have all you need to be a top candidate for your ideal role. In either case, start working toward your goal, ensuring your fear turns into something productive and beneficial in the end.

If you’d like to find a job you love, the team at Bayside Solutions can help. Contact us to find out more about our current openings today and see how our services can benefit you.

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