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Timekeeping/Onboarding Solutions


Streamline Administration with Web-based Timekeeping & Onboarding

Easy_EmployThanks to the Internet, it’s easy to be accessible at any time. And thanks to Bayside, you can greatly simplify onboarding, time entry and time card / expense report approval.

EasyEmploy is a fully automated, web-based timekeeping and onboarding app that gets top talent working for you faster – and frees you from time-consuming administrative hassles.


  • Expedite hiring with web-based onboarding
  • Approve timecards with a single click
  • Mobile app – our intelligently designed mobile app features a simple manager and employee interface with the same settings, functionality and flexibility as our web port. Employees and consultants can enter time and expenses from anywhere with a cell connection
  • Eliminate paperwork and streamline administration with fully automated timekeeping
  • Fully scalable – no limit on the number of employees who can use the system
  • Connect from anywhere with web or phone access

Want to get back to more important work – and get talented professionals working for you sooner? Get more information about EasyEmploy or call us at 800.220.0074 to get started.

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